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The Brink interviews Alan White about making Broken

Cinema without Borders interview with Alan White

Alan White, Director

alan white

Alan White was born in London, raised and educated in Australia. A winner in Rock Australia Magazine’s Writers Contest, he began working as a freelance journalist while still at University.   With degree in hand he won an Advertising Federation of Australia Graduate Scholarship and enjoyed a brief career as writing copy for Coke and Levi’s, winning a few awards and playing in various underground rock bands.  An offer to direct music videos lured the copywriter/musician behind the camera.

In the next few years Alan played director by day and musician by night. Directing videos for bands such as the seminal Hunters and Collectors and garage rock icons the Lime Spiders. At the time, his notorious “Homer Hudson” commercial campaign garnered a Who’s Hot article in Rolling Stone, his band, The Faith’s album was being showcased in the same issue.   

Eventually the day job won out. As a director of TV commercials, including high profile campaigns for Expedia, Mitsubishi and Nike, Alan has won every major award worldwide from the Cannes Lions to the first Emmy for an outstanding commercial.  

In Australia he co-founded BLACK where his work began to attract international attention.  Moving to the US, Alan became a founding director of @radical.media before partnering in 2005 at the highly regarded creative shop BOB Industries.

The new millennium saw Alan direct for the big screen.  Following hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed ERSKINEVILLE KINGS, starring Hugh Jackman, he directed Claudia Karvan and Bryan Brown to critical success in RISK which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Alan has just completed his first American feature, BROKEN, starring Heather Graham, Jeremy Sisto, and Linda Hamilton – a tale of addiction set deep in the LA night - it is due for release in 2006.

Jerry Wayne, Producer

Jerry Wayne is a successful entrepreneur with a long track record of founding profitable businesses in the production and entertainment Industries. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of Las Vegas, the fastest growing U.S. city of the last sixteen years, Jerry founded Group Media Productions in 1985 and quickly established himself as a technological pioneer. 

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One of the first producer/directors to use 35 mm film in local and regional commercial productions, Jerry improved the quality and production value of Las Vegas commercials by bringing experienced Hollywood film technicians to the market. Under his leadership, Group Media Productions expanded its scope to provide clients with complete advertising campaigns, including all components of print design and production, music, radio & television commercials.
Securing Sony Systems in 1991, he designed and built Post Digital, the first all digital editing facility in Nevada.  Between the two companies, Jerry built an extensive client list including: all major hotels and casinos, Fox Broadcasting, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, Showtime, USA, MTV, VH-1, and ESPN.  A producer of awards shows for Addys and Comdex, his company also did work for the Billboard Music Awards and ShoWest. The work generated by both companies won numerous awards including: Electronic Media Awards, Telly Awards and Addy Awards.  Selling his companies in 1998, Jerry now resides in both Las Vegas and Kauai. He has recently formed Walk on the Beach Productions to focus his efforts on Independent Film production.